Kimono - 着物

Kimono and Its Origin

The kimono is one of Japan’s most iconic symbols that feature our Japanese culture. Kimono originated as an undergarment. In old days kimono was a robe called the Kosode (literally, “small sleeve openings”). The Kosode first came into its own as an outer robe in medieval Japan during the Muromachi period (1392–1573). It was decorated accordingly with lavish dyed, embroidered, and gold or silver patterns.


Kikko Pattern - 亀甲文


Obi - 織帯

Tabane noshi mon - 束ね熨斗文(のし)

Matsukawa shishi mon - 松皮菱文(まつかわびし)

Odoshige mon - 威毛文(おどしげ)

Rangiku mon - 乱菊文