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Curator & Artist

About Chieko Noguchi

In my day job as a stylist, I’ve worked in the world of fashion and apparel for many years, styling celebrities and actors for TV programs and commercials. I’ve always loved working with my hands on crafts such as Western-style dressmaking. My mother’s family was involved in the textile industry, in manufacturing and wholesaling of fabrics in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture and Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. So in my childhood home there were many kimonos, obis and haori, and I became familiar with traditional Japanese clothes.

My love of kimonos and handcraft came together with my mother’s death. While I was sorting through her belongings, I found many beautiful kimonos, haori, and obis. Seeing the exquisite colors, patterns, weaving, and craftsmanship, I had a strong desire to do something with these kimonos that had been carefully passed down to me. However, they didn't fit me, so it was impossible for me to wear them.

The first thing I made was a bag from a haori. As I created items such as cushion covers and lunch mats, I was told by a staff member with an international background, ‘If you share your work to people overseas, they will be delighted!’ and so we began full-fledged production.