I decided to make smaller pillow covers.

Hi from chilly Tokyo!

Today, I'd like to introduce a pair items of ours, a set of pillow covers, made from Nagoya Obi-belt that originally belonged to a grandmonther of a friend of mine. The Obi is more than 90 years ago and one of the kind item, so we had a good discussion how we try to rebirth this Obi.

After some discussion with my friend, I decided to make smaller pillow covers. What I did first was untied the thread from the Obi and made a cloth out of it. Then gently hand-washed and ironed it. BTW, the Obi is 100% fine silk so it did take a courage to wash and iron as you can imagine... Then, think about the best pattern and took another courage to cut the Obi into the pillow cover square shape me imaginating the best pattern of the Obi is shown beatifully on the front of the pillows. Lots of courage and effort. Hope you like them as we do.

They are now available at our shop. Enjoy shopping with us at BARRIQUE TOKYO! Chieko, Shop Curator & Producer
















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